This page will hit a few key point of the Campaign.
-Home page is about Dixie Kong’s successful history with Nintendo and the main mission of the campaign

- Dixie DLC highlights page will once and for all PROVE THAT SHE WOULD NOT BE A DIDDY CLONE. The page features illustrated move sets to demonstrate her unique potential as a Smash Bros fighter as well as why she would be a great choice.

- The fans have spoken! Hear what lots of fans from all around the world are saying about this amazing character! Quotes from fans all around the web will be posted here. 

- And last but not least hopefully all of the facts we have laid out for you will convince you to join the cause and help vote Dixie for Smash DLC!

We were very disappointed to see that she didn’t make the final roster this time around when scrapped character files of her were clearly found on the SSBB Game disc. We understand 

that Dixie and Diddy were originally supposed to be a tag team character in Brawl and that some technical issues arose during her programing leaving Diddy as a solo character, but what we DON’T understand is why she is still not in the roster as a  solo new comer if tag/transforming characters were omitted from Smash 3ds/Wii U. We feel that she was tossed aside for no good reason at all. But, Now… Yes! Now! That can all change!

As of 04/01/2015 Nintendo announced that they are letting fans choose who they want to see in Super Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U as downloadable content or DLC for short! This page provides opinions as well as facts as to why she would be a great choice for Nintendo to feature in Smash Bros. We the fans are Asking Nintendo, Sakurai and his team to finish what they started and add Dixie to Smash 3DS/Wii U!

Why should Dixie Kong be considered as DLC?
appy you asked! Looking at this situation as a whole we still don’t understand why or how other less successful and less desired characters were chosen to get into Smash 4 before her. We are not completely too sure what the criteria is that makes a character eligible or ineligible for smash but let’s take a quick trip down memory lane to show Dixie Kong’s strong track record and success with Nintendo.  


Dixie Kong’s debut was November of 1995 when Donkey Kong Country 2, a platformer for the Super Nintendo Entertainment system was released. The game’s reception was overall extremely positive with high game reviews. The game went onto be a top seller for the SNES with over 4.37 million approximately: 2.21 million in Japan, 2.16 million in US 

FACT- Dixie Starred in her very own game that also ended up being a best seller on the SNES!   [SOURCE]

Dixie Kong’s role in DKC2 was a rather special one that was not commonly seen in platforming gaming or Nintendo’s bigger IPs. Her role was that of a fearless adventurer that aided Diddy in his quest to save Donkey Kong. That detail stands out as a very important one because it shows how Dixie is unique and distinctively different and way more independent than other typical/cliché females throughout Nintendo’s history. Unlike…

-Princess Peach who Mario always has to save (Newcomer in Smash Melee),
-Princess Zelda who Link had to save until sheik’s debut in Ocarina of Time 1998 (Newcomer Melee)
-Palutena who had to be saved by Pit (Newcomer in Smash 4) 

Much like Samus Aran of the Metroid series Dixie Kong is a truly Independent female that doesn’t stop fighting until the job gets done. Dixie was in no way inferior to her male counterpart in DKC2. With these facts made apparent it’s hard to think of reasons why she isn’t in the Smash roster yet! We believe Dixie has what it takes because she can be just as tough or even tougher than any other female candidates that made the Smash roster, especially the ones that have played and still continue to play damsel in distress to this very day. If these reasons aren’t enough yet let’s jump to year 1996.

In 1996 Dixie Kong went on to STAR IN HER VERY OWN GAME! Donkey Kong Country 3 also ended up being a best seller on the SNES. It went on to sell 2.89 million copies worldwide, with 1.7 million copies sold in Japan and 1.12 million copies sold in the United States. Which is still an impressive number considering the game was released after the Nintendo 64. If THAT'S not iconic we aren't sure what is!

We understand that some characters are picked based on relevance and Dixie was somewhat missing in action from a main DK title for a while and we also understand that Tropical Freeze was probably put into development way after the character roster for smash was chosen therefore possibly causing Dixie to miss her chance but, Now that DLC is in the picture we are requesting that Nintendo go back and fix that missed chance. In 2014 a release for the Nintendo Wii U marks Dixie’s return to a main Donkey Kong title, Donkey Kong County: Tropical Freeze! This game sold over 130,000 copies in the US in only 8 days and has also hit the 1 million+ units sold mark and that makes one thing clear! Donkey Kong is a franchise that SELLS and has a HUGE fanbase and is WELL RESPECTED in the gaming community! 








So, with everything Dixie has accomplished in the past Donkey Kong titles as well as appearing in this most recent and successful one we believe Dixie Kong is both iconic and a very relevant character! 

First off there is no reason why we should be in year 2015 debating over our THIRD Donkey Kong representative in Smash bros. That seems a bit absurd seeing how Donkey Kong is also among one of Nintendo’s biggest IPs ratings wise and sales wise!  Going off Units sold in millions... [SOURCE] 

The point is Legend of Zelda has 5 reps and of those 5 reps they have 1 villain and at least 1 female. Kirby has 3 reps despite not being as successful as DK. Kid Icarus has 3 reps 1 villain and 1 female and Mario even got another villain and female fighter as well for Smash 4 newcomers. But, then you look at how successful Donkey Kong was and he STILL only has 2 reps?
It's Donkey Kong's turn for 2 reps and Dixie needs to be one of them! NOT an assist throphy, NOT a stage hazard, NOT a Smash Tour item but a fully playable fighter!

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FACT- Dixie is one of the characters that "are believed to have been meant for inclusion, but were later scrapped when time constraints caused by the development demands of the Subspace Emissary necessitated the cutting of expendable characters. This is supported by the fact Masahiro Sakurai himself stated that there were several more characters planned to be included in Brawl, but were cut due to time constraints, though he did not state which characters specifically were cut. As the files themselves are empty, the identities of these characters can only be inferred from the filenames."

Mario - 539.35 --- 7 Smash reps (Justified

Pokemon - 242.50 --- 6 Smash reps (Justified)

Zelda - 77.29 --- 5 Smash reps (Justified

DK - 65.72 --- 2 Smash reps (HOW/WHY

Kirby - 35.28 -- 3 Smash reps (Nowhere near Dk but has more reps)

Fire Emblem - 7.23 --- 4 +1 (dlc) Smash reps (Below even Kirby)

Kid Icarus2.95 --- 3 Smash reps (No way...) 


Hi everybody, what’s up and how are you doing? Thanks for stopping by the official DIXIE KONG FOR SMASH DLC page! A page dedicated to unifying and bringing Dixie Kong fans from all over the world together to stand for a cause. The cause to get her in Smash Bros 3DS and Wii U! If you are new take a look around, learn some things, and stand with us! Together we can make a difference!

What can she bring to the table!?

FACT- Dixie is playable in 16 of the 19 games she has apeared in!